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Landing pages can mean the difference between online ad success or failure. Despite this, landing pages are highly misunderstood by well-meaning website designers. 

Website designers aren't landing page designers. We are. We design, create and track landing page results for each of your online ads. Don't lose another lead. 

Landing Pages 101

Landing Pages Explained

1. Advertise with Google Ads

  • Advertise online as usual with Google Ads, email campaigns or social media. You probably already do this;
  • Decide if you are trying to generate leads or sell a product. Clear goals always work best;
  • If you are generating leads, have something of value to download or send.  If it's a sale, take payment.   

2. Attract and Guide Prospects

  • Use one landing page per ad.  That means one page per product or service, per market; 
  • People will click on your ad. These are your "prospects". Use the landing pages to welcome them and to guide them; 
  • DO NOT direct users to your website or a page on your website or you will lose them. 

3. Track the Results. Tweak the Ads. 

  • Track your progress. Some ads will outperform others. Circle back to the weak ads for possible redesign; 
  • Conversion rates will determine the strength and return from your ads. Know where your money is working; 
  • Consider expanding your ad dollars. Money and opportunities are no longer being lost. 

More than just Landing Pages

What We Do

Plan your Plan

Decide what you want from your ad. Are you generating leads or selling something?

Target your Market

Who are you targeting, and where are they? How do they search? What do they want?

Fire Away!

Begin your ad campaign. Collect leads, fill orders. Track your success. Adjust. 


Can't write? We can. We've got wordsmiths on staff. Don't go it alone. Dull copy is a real buzzkill. 

Add Videos 

Video really sells, especially animated explainer videos. Add a 30-60 second video for only $495. 

Monthly Reporting

You'll get a monthly report showing how your ads are doing and where your ad bucks are working. 

Landing Page Prices

Custom Landing Pages


per page, per month

All prices in USD

Lead Generation or Item Purchase

Design Matches Website Colors

One Page each per Online Ad

Detailed Monthly Reports

No Contracts

Design & Setup


per page, one time fee

All prices in USD

Designed by Landing Page Experts

Desktop and Mobile Versions

Customized to Site Colors

Pages Tracked Monthly 

Performance Reports


Using Landing Pages vs not Using Landing Pages

Get it right, and you get a lead or sale. Get it wrong, and you lose everything. Not bad odds. 


This is the nature of landing pages. It isn't enough to just have landing pages. They have to be designed right, or they may not work right. Contact us today. 

Chances of Success: No Landing Pages 1%
Chances of Success: Poor Landing Pages 6%
Chances of Success: Well-designed Landing Pages 86%

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What happens when a prospect clicks on your ad?
Let's take a look. It doesn't cost anything. 

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What does a Landing Page Look Like?

Landing Page Samples

The following examples were crafted using fictional companies (and offers) to illustrate

design possibilities. 

Lead Generation
Click Through
Lead Generation
Click Through
What is the big deal with landing pages?

Landing pages are the first thing that prospects see when they click on your online ad. Prospects expect to be shown how to get what they wanted as promised in your ad. No cute tricks, no hoops to jump through. 


You paid for that prospect when they clicked on your ad. If you lose them because you didn't use a landing page, you lose the money you paid for the click as well as the money you could have made by having them as a client. 


Landing pages are all you need to welcome prospects and guide them to leave information or buy a product. At $20 per page, per month, we'd say that this is what the big deal is with landing pages. 


We think you'd say the same. 


I'm 5 years old. Explain to me what a landing page is.
Why not just have our web designer make our landing pages?
How many landing pages will we need?
What does "A/B Testing" mean?

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