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Landing pages done right. Every one of them. 

Little Martian: Secrets to Success

Icon in Secrets to Success section: Designed Right

Designed Right

We know what goes into a successful landing page, even if most web designers don't. 

Icon in Secrets to Success section: Google AdWords Specialists

Google AdWords Specialists

We are Google Partners.  In 90% of cases, we can reduce your online spending!

Icon in Secrets to Success section: High Conversion Rates

High Conversion Rates

We are all about the results, and that's what you should care about too. 

Icon in Secrets to Success section: Professional Wordsmiths

Professional Wordsmiths

We've got professional staff copywriters so leave the wordsmithing  to us. 

Icon in Secrets to Success section:AB Testing

A/B Testing

We put two pages out there (A/B) to see which works best. May the best page win.  

Icon in Secrets to Success section: Reporting and Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

You'll get a performance report every month that'll tell you what your money is doing. 

Get the popcorn ready...

Landing Pages: The Movie

Landing pages are so widely misunderstood by web designers that we created our own video to help explain them. 


Using the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears as our backdrop, Goldilocks goes searching for a burger and uses Google to search the forest. This is exctly what your customers are doing RIGHT NOW (only, not in a forest).


Follow Goldilocks as she encounters the classic mistakes that  cost businesses would-be clients. Call us anytime afterward for a free no-obligation consultation.  


This video was originally created for LandOnMe, which grew into Little Martian Landing Pages in 2018. 

The Three-Step Plan

Learn the Three-Step

Icon in Three Step Program section: Set Your Goals

Set Your Goals

We'll help you define goals that are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.

Icon in Three Step Program section: Create the Pages

Create the Pages

Pages are professionally created using local adwords and terms that are known to attract real searches. 

Icon in Three Step Program section: Reap the Rewards

Reap the Rewards

The combination of well-designed landing pages and attractive Google AdWords is a recipe for marketing success. 

Price it Out

Landing Pages


Per Page,  Per Month*

*Add $100 Design Fee

Professionally created


Full A/B Testing

AdWord Setup


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Keyword Research

Campaign Setup



SEO Makeover


One-Time Fee

No-Charge Site Assessment

Title, Description, Keywords

On-Page SEO Checklist

SEO Workup

People are Talking!


Who Loves Little Martian?

Our Clients


Landing pages make money by turning clicks into clients. Period. 

Nobody can guarantee results, but here are some statistics you can grab onto. Better AdWords attract more visitors. Great landing pages convert those visitors, turning them into leads or buyers. The overall effect is a reduction in ad spending. 

Not a very hard decision, is it?

Researched AdWords: Increase in Response: 82%
Landing Pages Increase in Response: 100%
Average Reduction in AdWords Spend: 41%

The Little Martian Landing Pages Team

Meet the Martians

Roger Albert, CEO

Roger Albert


Cy Friesen, Chief Editor

Cy Friesen

Chief Editor

Charley Kham, Landing Page Designer and Editor

Charley Kham


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Years in Business

Frequently-Asked Questions Image
What is a Landing Page, really?

Landing Pages are special web pages that welcome and guide the people that respond to your online ads.


Landing pages are either

  • "lead gen" (generating leads by collecting information in exchange for something like an eBook or sample) or
  • "click-through" (usually guiding people on their way to a purchase page, such as for sunglasses.)


Without a dedicated landing page, your online campaign loses steam fast and leaves you with a handful of "hits" that never bought or interacted with you. Few web designers truly understand landing pages and many make mistakes that cost sales. 

What training do you have?
What can we realistically expect?

Who uses Little Martian Landing Pages?

Success Stories

Social Media

We've created landing pages for a wide variety of clients. Some have enjoyed greater success than others. Below are some of our favourite clients who have agreed to be featured here. Most of the others (understandably) don't want competitors to know what their secret to success is. Oh well. 

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Landing Pages turn clicks into clients. And at  $10 per page, per month, anybody can play.
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